The Silk Needle

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The Silk Needle has been participating in the Ohio Arts’ community since 2002.  Xiao Xia Zhang is an accomplished award winning artist and teacher who uses the same techniques, to create exquisite embroidery, that have been  used for the last 2000 years.

Her unique talents give life to her art, her flowers bloom, the birds sing and the world is alive in the silk thread that she employs. 

Learning this art as a young girl, Xiao Xia is determined to see that her art form survives.  Returning to China each year to teach and share her unique use of colors and the experience she has gained.

Now you can witness the transition to her new life in America through her works of art. The beauty of American landscapes and birds as well as the traditional themes she learned as a child.

Browse our Web site for more information about The Silk Needle. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a The Silk Needle representative regarding her embroidery, please e-mail us at XIAOXIA2@AOL.COM or call us at 216-299-4310.


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