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Xiao Xia Zhang’s journey with the Art of Embroidery began in her childhood, inheriting the craft from generations of her family. Seeking to refine her skills and share her knowledge, she attended the Chongqing Embroidery Academy in 1987. It was there that she not only honed her own abilities but also discovered a passion for teaching, which led her to become an instructor at the academy in 1990.

Over the next 15 years, Xiao Xia Zhang dedicated herself to creating exquisite pieces, both as gifts for loved ones and for her own enjoyment. In 2002, she brought her talents to the United States, where she continued to explore and expand her artistic horizons.

In 2007, Xiao Xia Zhang took a significant step in her artistic career by participating in an art show sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts in the Cleveland region. Though she initially placed third, this experience ignited her passion for showcasing her work in various art venues.

Since then, Xiao Xia Zhang has achieved notable recognition, winning prestigious awards at major shows across several states, including Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida. Among these accolades, the Best of Show award at Disney’s Festival of the Masters in 2013 stands out.

However, she cherishes the people’s choice awards she has received, as they reflect the appreciation of her audience.

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